Tuesday, 17 May 2016

so very very quiet - and then new shuttles arrive

It's been quiet in here for so long then suddenly two posts come along at once - although that's only because I forgot to click the Publish button last time :)

I have some new shuttles and a new tatting friend. My friend has short fingers like me and was finding standard tatting shuttles too long for her hand so she's defected to needle tatting. That led me to start searching for some smaller shuttles as my smallest shuttles are Silent Tatter which sadly are no longer made.

 These are the shuttles that arrived this week - the one on the left is Bloodwood from OldtymeWoodWorks on Etsy. The paler two are both beech from TattingLaceJewellery also on Etsy.


 Although they are very similar size and overall shape I didn't really get on with the bloodwood shuttle. The shuttle shape being different to what I'm used to makes it harder to tat and this was more obvious with the bloodwood one because it is heavier due to the metal parts that hold in the bobbin. I got on the best with the shuttle on the right.

 And here are the beech shuttles with the butterflies tatted with them.  Anyway I'll see what my needle-tatting friend thinks - maybe I can tempt her back to a second try of shuttle tatting!


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